sometimes i’m the lighthouse, and sometimes i’m the wanderer

Summer break. A new adventure.

I have just finished my “first” year of teaching, meaning my first year with a classroom of my own. Wow! It was simultaneously completely hellacious, rewarding, eye-opening, and grueling… I have a theory that teachers are a very special breed of masochists who suffer from yearly amnesia. I have been traveling at approximately 100 mile per hour since last August, putting in 12-13 hour days six, sometimes seven, days of the week. I’ve ugly-cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve danced, and I’ve found a voice this year. I am dead tired, but my wheels are already spinning with excitement about doing it again – How will I do it differently? How will I adjust for the things I’ve learned? See?! Masochist.

I’ve had a tumblr for years, but I’ve never been comfortable just sharing my voice there. I have words and thoughts stirring inside me that need escape without wondering who will “reblog,” “heart,” or “hashtag” for trending. I want to write stream-of-conciousness without the hassle of worry, so here we are. I want to blog my thoughts and my interests, to document my life in honest ways. I make no guarantees about specific content, because I’m more than one-dimensional. I love a lot of things and I want to share them for myself.

Love, E


2 thoughts on “sometimes i’m the lighthouse, and sometimes i’m the wanderer”

  1. Welcome to wordpress! Hopefully this turns out to be a better platform for you to share your thoughts on. 🙂


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