Soundtrack Snapshots | A New Creative Project


Soundtrack Snapshots is a project idea I created purely by accident when I bought my Fuji Instax Mini camera a few weeks ago. I started taking snapshots (photos 1-3) and realized that the music I was listening to, humming, or thinking about was just as much a part of each moment as the photo itself. I’ve always had this weird fascination with the idea of “soundtracking my life,” and I thought it could be a cool creative project for myself and an interesting way to show my Instax shots. At first, the imperfections and crazy too much/too little exposure of the photos were frustrating to OCD me, but they’re growing on me and I’m learning to relax a little and love the “risk” of the instant film camera. Although, the occasional blown-out flash photos are still super annoying – I mean, come on… 10 photos per film roll don’t come cheap!!

Above are the first ten photos I’ve amassed on my desk over the last few weeks. If you hover over the photography page at the top of my blog, you can go to the Soundtrack Snapshots page and see the individual photos as well as the places, songs, and anecdotes I shared about each one. When I load new ones, I’ll post them first and then catalogue them on the page. If you have done or are going to start a similar project, I’d love to see it, so leave me a comment. 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

Love, E


2 thoughts on “Soundtrack Snapshots | A New Creative Project”

  1. I love the Fuji Instax camera and would love to get one! Your blog post makes me want one that much more! This is a great project idea. Do you know how you will be incorporating it into your life? Weekly blog posts? Putting them in a scrapbook? Framing a set? etc…?


    1. Thanks! I bought mine at Target, but it’s also available in an assortment of colors on Amazon (you get better deals on the film there, too!). I’m going to be updating with blog posts when I add new pictures and spoiler alert… I have three new ones coming tonight! 🙂 I haven’t really come up with a solid idea on what I’m going to do with the originals. I do like your idea of framing a set though – so thanks for that! I’ll post if I come up with something cool. Keep checking back as I add photos, and if you end up getting an Instax let me know how your photos turn out! – Eri


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