Life Goal Level: Great-Grandma


This is a photo of my great-grandmother smoking a cigarette while swimming in the Atlantic.

I just have to leave that sentence there and ponder it for its pure bad-assery. Her name was Janet. I never knew her, and until very recently never knew this photo existed. In every other known photo of her, she is shown the well-bred daughter of society that she was brought up to be, but in this photo she is just looks like she really did not give an eff – and I could not love it more! My mom’s cousin grew up around her and said, “She loved to smoke and she loved to swim, so she did them both often.”

As I am making so many changes in my own life right now, this photo (besides making me laugh) reminds me that I come from a long line of fiery, independent women, and it reminds me to embrace the things I love without hesitation and release the rest.



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