Five Little Things // One

As transitions go, this one has been fairly easy.IMG_20160204_103315 I finished at my job last week and spent the first part of this week tying up loose ends and beginning my new job as a researcher for my mom’s genealogical research company (visit us here on wordpress at jwendellresearch)! I can’t even begin to express how much weight and stress I’ve felt lifted off of myself. I honestly didn’t know how much there was until it was suddenly gone and I can breathe again!

To celebrate I want to share five little things that are giving me joy this week:

  1. Hitting the “refresh” button on my life in one area is resetting the other areas as well. It feels amazing!
  2. I’m about 12 chapters into a new book called “A Paris Apartment” by Michelle Gable, and I am fascinated.
  3. Chicken and Cheese Taquitos – Seriously, I forgot how completely yum those little rollups are! It really is the little things.
  4. Planning a little get-away with my favorites this weekend.
  5. Surrounding myself with my first love of history again.

What’s giving you joy this week?


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