Explore || St. Louis, Missouri (Part 1)

This past weekend the favorites and I made a little weekend jaunt to St. Louis for an Ikea run – bless that Swedish mecca! It was so nice just to be able to get in the car for a little road trip – the weather was perfect, sunny and unusually warm for February, two of my favorite people on the planet, deep discussions about the merits of Harry vs. Niall, art, furry zoo animals, food, and furniture. The St. Louis Art Museum is getting it’s own post tomorrow, but here are a few of the other highlights from the weekend.

The St. Louis Zoo – Located in historic Forrest Park, the St.Louis Zoo is FREE. The zoo is absolutely huge and they are constantly preparing for new animals. I always have to pay a visit to the Asian Elephants, the Penguins & Puffins, and the Primate House (Look at this little Chimpanzee cutie trying to take a nap in the most visible corner of his enclosure).

Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe – 1250 Strassner Dr, St. Louis, MO 63144 – This is a chain-restaurant, but I always like to eat there because the food is actually good. I get the Rustic Italian Flatbread Pizza.

IKEA – 1 Ikea Way, St. Louis, MO 63108 – We are (un)fortunate enough to live exactly 4-5 hours away from three (soon to be 4) different IKEA’s, so we always make a big deal out of the trek. This was the girls’ first list-checking trip so we did it up big, meandering through the showrooms, buying matching planters for our succulents, the comical maneuvering of heavy furniture boxes onto wheeled carts, the Tetris-style jigsaw of getting it all in the car, and capping it off with a plate of Swedish meatballs and the feeling of accomplishment.

There are so many other great things in St. Louis (and so many that are free!), but for this trip we kept it simple. Tomorrow, I’ll post about the museum, but suffice to say – I had the best time with my girls, and the memories you make are what makes the trip.


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