Five Little Things // Two

Happy Monday!

After a warm, sunny weekend here in Tennessee, this Monday has turned overcast and chilly, so here are five little things giving me joy today.

  1. Thinking about spring and gardens filled with peonies, poppies, and ranunculus. Check out these beautiful happy photos from Georgianna Lane. Where do I get some of these Coral Charm Peonies? Because I am making some serious heart eyes.
  2. Text conversations with my sister. ([waves] Hi, lovey!)
  3. I’ve been watching The 100, and I am hardcore shipping Bellamy and Clarke. The progression between these two has been so good. #getittogetherbellarke
  4. I needed new jeans and managed to score a jeans sale, another 40% off, and 4% cash back online at Old Navy. Ah, the thrill of saving money!
  5. The “Afternoon Acoustic” playlist on Spotify is a favorite of mine, and I’m enjoying sitting at my desk by the window working and listening.

What little things are giving you joy today?


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