Five Little Things || Five (One of those March Days)


  1. In my book, it’s Spring as soon as February is over, but now that we are officially in the season I am giddy because it’s warming up and all the trees and flowers are blooming (and I love them despite my allergies)!
  2. Flip-flops & Sandals. They have officially returned in my world, although if I’m being truly honest the flip-flops never went anywhere, I just didn’t wear them in public for the last four months. #southerngirl
  3. Socially conscious retail companies & independent makers. I’ve found some great little gems lately (maybe a future post), and I prefer to shop with small, independent makers or socially-conscious, fair trade companies. You get products that usually have a better quality, benefit others, and are unique because of the small quantity produced.
  4. Places that are off the beaten path and one of a kind. (I have some great explore posts for you Wanderers this week!)
  5. Candid conversations with my mom. Saying that your mom is one of your best friends is probably a rarity, but I consider myself very fortunate that she and I have a close relationship and that we can have really open, candid conversations about anything and everything without judgement.

What’s giving you joy this week?


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