Five Little Things || Six


Here are the five little things giving me joy this week!

  1. Lilacs – The above photo is my mom’s lilac bush, and my favorite thing in the spring is when it blooms! It’s beautiful and it smells wonderful. It always has birds, butterflies, and bees around it.
  2. New hair – I’m lobbing off my hair tomorrow and getting balayage done – It’s been too long since I chopped my hair and even longer since I’ve done anything with the color and I’m excited!
  3. Crossing items off my to-do list – I’m a list writer. I always need a pen and paper nearby, and I’ll admit to occasionally (usually) writing completed items on my list just to cross them off. I don’t make lists every day, but having a completed list at the end of a day makes me feel accomplished.
  4. Organizing & Simplifying – I’m a notoriously messy and unorganized person, but I’m slowly attempting to change my ways by simplifying all the “stuff” in my life. I’ve been simplifying and purging out a ton of the things I own, and organizing what remains. I’m constantly amazed how much I can come up with to get rid of – especially after I think I’ve already gone through it. Mentally and emotionally I’m at a place to let the stuff go – Life isn’t about the “stuff,” it’s about experiences and people you love.
  5. The WordPress community – I’ve gained a few new blog followers this week via my different posts, and I’m so happy you’re here! It’s so cool to share your interests with people around the world, and I’m humbled that you think I have interesting things to share. I’m looking forward to chatting and building up this global WP community with you.

What little things are giving you joy this week?


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