A Little Music Query

Alright good people of the internet, I’m making a new playlist and I want your input.

What song(s) do you associate with sunny summer days, being at the beach, or what are you just really vibing on right now? 

Leave me a comment below.

<3, L + W


Five Little Things || Seven

I haven’t been feeling particularly inspired by the vast and busy world of social media and blogging over the past few weeks, so I took a little blogging break. I think that sometimes we forget that the world exists outside of electronic devices and the internet, and it has been nice to step away, even just a bit. I thought I’d share a five little things list of the things that have been giving me joy outside of the interwebs.

  1. Porch swings. Porch swings are basically a Southern girl’s staple piece of furniture. I’ve always had a porch swing at my house, and for as long as I can remember it has been my little haven to play and relax when the temperatures are nice. I’ve been spending quite a bit of the last few weeks laying on the swing with a pillow and a book.
  2. Processed with VSCO with a3 presetPlanting flowers. Even though I can’t say I have a green-thumb (mostly due to the fact that I can’t remember to water plants regularly), the urge to plant beautiful little flowers always strikes at this time of year. I bought this vintage wine cellar box at an antique store a few years ago, and I decided that instead of holding my DVDs it needed a new purpose, so now it’s a planter box for these coral Impatiens. I dropped a plastic container box down in there with the dirt and flowers, so the wood wouldn’t be warped or ruined, and I can’t wait to see these little flowers grow and fill up the box.
  3. Trip planning. I’m headed to South Florida next week for my annual “girl’s trip” with my mom and sister, and I’m excited to get away with my favorited, see some new things, head to the beach, and get inspire for some posts to share.
  4. The Raven King, the final book in Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Cycle book series released on Tuesday, and although I am impatiently waiting for Amazon to get it together and send my my copy, I’m so excited to figure out what everything has been building towards! Also, on my reading list: Cecelia Ahern’s Flawed.
  5. IMG_20160427_135548Tiny turtles. There are not many wild creatures that I’ll willingly touch, but I rescued this little guy off of my porch yesterday, and sent him off into the woods towards the nearest pond. Just look at it… How could you not be excited about a tiny thumb-sized turtle?!

What are the little things in life that are giving you joy this week?

Currently Playing: Mumford & Sons

My years-long dream of seeing Mumford & Sons finally came true on Friday night and they completely killed it! Mumford has been my #1 band left to see live on my musical bucket list. They played all my favorites, then during the encore they brought out John Oates of Hall & Oates to cover “You Make My Dreams Come True” and then T Bone Burnett, Big Kenny (of Big & Rich), and Blake Mills to cover The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me.” The. Best. Mumford also played two songs with just an acoustic and one mic… and I have to gush about my fellow-Nashville peeps, because there really is no crowd like a Nashville crowd when it comes to respecting the music and the artist. With so many musicians and people in the music industry we’re not an easily impressed people, but Mumford impressed with their humility, openness, and the quality of their sound.

I may try to upload my few snippets of phone video at some point, but the lighting is killer on the eyes to try and watch.