Currently Playing: Mumford & Sons

My years-long dream of seeing Mumford & Sons finally came true on Friday night and they completely killed it! Mumford has been my #1 band left to see live on my musical bucket list. They played all my favorites, then during the encore they brought out John Oates of Hall & Oates to cover “You Make My Dreams Come True” and then T Bone Burnett, Big Kenny (of Big & Rich), and Blake Mills to cover The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me.” The. Best. Mumford also played two songs with just an acoustic and one mic… and I have to gush about my fellow-Nashville peeps, because there really is no crowd like a Nashville crowd when it comes to respecting the music and the artist. With so many musicians and people in the music industry we’re not an easily impressed people, but Mumford impressed with their humility, openness, and the quality of their sound.

I may try to upload my few snippets of phone video at some point, but the lighting is killer on the eyes to try and watch.


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