Beach Essentials

DSC_0088I’m basically the resident bag lady at the beach – the one with the big bag filled with everyone’s stuff. So I thought I’d share my beach essentials from my recent trip to Ft. Lauderdale.

  1. Turkish Bath Towel & Blanket – I’m a huge lover of Turkish Bath Towels. I begged for the light blue one from Etsy at Christmas a few years ago, and I have used it almost exclusively ever since. The dark blue throw is Nate Berkus for Target (also a few years ago) and has the same light, durable weave. I’d never considered taking them to the beach with me, but I am so glad I did and am now a convert. They are light, super absorbant & quick drying, easy to pack because they roll up or fold small, and (most importantly) so easy to get sand off.
  2. Hat & Sunnies- Sunglasses are a must. If you are prone to losing sunnies, then buy a cheap pair to wear out on the beach. Then if they get lost in the water or whatnot, you aren’t attached or too sad to see them go. A wide brimmed floppy straw hat is the traditional beach fare, but what you don’t think about with those is the wind factor. If you want to shade your face, and you can keep it on your head then go for it! My personal hat of choice is the above straw trilby (by Scala Collezione – also a few years old)- it’s my favorite, and usually my go to whenever I want to wear a hat.
  3. Entertainment (Music & Book) – I posted about my Beach Vibes playlist yesterday, and it was definitely playing whenever I was out on the beach last week. No better afternoon that with the sun, water, and good tunes. I usually always bring a book with me as well because I tend to get bored just laying out.
  4. Camera – I took my Instax Mini 8 out one day for some fun snaps around the beach. These little polaroids make for such happy memories. I also used my phone a lot – I really like the VSCO camera app for phone photos.
  5. Sunscreen, Chapstick, & Water – Although not pictured, these are the most important of all outdoor essentials. I was fooled by the lack of heat and the great water temperature and didn’t reapply enough sunscreen throughout the day and turned into a crispy little french fry (still peeling – so gross). Another essential is Chapstick, preferably with SPF to keep your lips hydrated and sunburn-free. Water is right up there with sunscreen. It’s so easy to become dehydrated with the sun beating down on you, and you will definitely be needing something if you take in a mouthful of salt water from a rogue wave. 😉

What else do you consider an essential for a day out on the water?


2 thoughts on “Beach Essentials”

  1. My hometown is on an island in the south of Brazil. We got coldish winter, but boiling hot summers. Even though I’m in California, I’m still a few hours away from the beach, so you have no idea how much I envy you right now.
    One thing that I usually take to the beach is fruit. It makes for a nice refreshing snack. The secret (and I do the same with water), is to freeze it before you go to the beach, so even if you don’t have a cooler, by the time you are ready to eat it, it’s not frozen anymore, but still cool.
    Other than that, your essencials are the same as mine. 😉

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