The Little Things || #9

Hey everyone! It’s been a while, so I thought I’d jump back into the pool with some of the little things that are giving me joy right now.

  1. Hamilton: An American Musical – Hamilton all day, er’ry day. I am basically a one woman production. History, musical theatre, and rapid rapping in a French accent… what’s not to love? This one point could really be my whole list, but I’ll try to act less obsessed.
  2. Last weekend I went dancing with my sister and some of her friends and coworkers at the Queer Dance Party (QDP) in Nashville. So.Much.Fun. I have anxiety, so it’s not my scene… and I’m definitely not a skilled dancer, but it was so great just having fun in a judgement free zone while standing in solidarity with our LGBT friends and community.
  3. If you haven’t been here long, you may not know that I am a family history researcher (genealogist – but that sounds so stuffy). Basically, I’m a historical documents junkie who gets to fulfill a life-long dream of being Nancy Drew… I also get the opportunity to engage people in history and bring them joy when I find something that 1) they were looking for or 2) find something they never knew existed (even better!). It just makes me happy to be able to do that.

What’s giving you joy right now?


Where is Our Humanity?

I am struggling.

I am struggling to accept a blatant disregard of humanity. A disregard for the value of a human life.

I am struggling to accept that there are so many people who want to alter or take a life just because they have the ability, the desire, or a belief system that will condone it.

I am struggling to accept that there are people around me, people I know, who are spewing their “truth” founded in hate because it is their “First Amendment Right.”

I am struggling to accept that people who could be promoting kindness, love, justice, and tolerance, remain silent.

I am struggling to accept that this, as global citizens, is our reality.

I am struggling for a way to bring something meaningful to the table – to the conversation – that adds love, light, meaning, and value.

And I am tired of accepting what is unacceptable.

I want to take part in seeking true justice and change for those who cannot speak for themselves or who just aren’t heard.

I want to be part of a community of people who can see beyond themselves.

I want to love people for their differences and their imperfections. I want to be loved for the same.

I can’t gush enough about how genius I think that the musical Hamilton is, and I truly believe that Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Company and Crew of Hamilton deserved every accolade they were given at last night’s Tony Awards, but more importantly Lin didn’t “throw away his shot” to speak some beautiful words of truth in the wake of yesterday’s national tragedy.

My wife’s the reason anything gets done
She nudges me towards promise by degrees
She is a perfect symphony of one,
Our son is her most beautiful reprise
We chase the melodies that seem to find us
Until they’re finished songs and start to play
When senseless acts of tragedy remind us
That nothing here is promised, not one day
This show is proof that history remembers
We live through times when hate and fear seem stronger
We rise and fall and light from dying embers
Remembrances that hope and love lasts long
And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love
Cannot be killed or swept aside,
I sing Vanessa’s symphony, Eliza tells her story
Now fill the world with music love and pride

– Lin-Manuel Miranda