The Little Things || #9

Hey everyone! It’s been a while, so I thought I’d jump back into the pool with some of the little things that are giving me joy right now.

  1. Hamilton: An American Musical – Hamilton all day, er’ry day. I am basically a one woman production. History, musical theatre, and rapid rapping in a French accent… what’s not to love? This one point could really be my whole list, but I’ll try to act less obsessed.
  2. Last weekend I went dancing with my sister and some of her friends and coworkers at the Queer Dance Party (QDP) in Nashville. So.Much.Fun. I have anxiety, so it’s not my scene… and I’m definitely not a skilled dancer, but it was so great just having fun in a judgement free zone while standing in solidarity with our LGBT friends and community.
  3. If you haven’t been here long, you may not know that I am a family history researcher (genealogist – but that sounds so stuffy). Basically, I’m a historical documents junkie who gets to fulfill a life-long dream of being Nancy Drew… I also get the opportunity to engage people in history and bring them joy when I find something that 1) they were looking for or 2) find something they never knew existed (even better!). It just makes me happy to be able to do that.

What’s giving you joy right now?


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