The Little Things || #10

Hello, beautiful people!

The full force of summer heat has finally hit and it’s hard to find any enjoyment in it when there’s no pool to retreat to during the day! I’m an air-conditioning dweller for sure, so here are a few things keeping me happy and occupied during the heat…

  1. Leslie Odom Jr. (AKA Hamilton’s Aaron Burr) released a jazz album last month that I cannot get enough of – I’ve been listening to it on repeat while I work during the day.
  2. The West Wing. I don’t know where I’ve been since 1999, but this show was and still is a work of genius. I’ve been binging on Netflix, and it’s so disturbingly relevant… relevant because the exact issues that were being discussed when the show came out are being debated today, and disturbing for the exact same reason… it’s also very witty.
  3. Plantation Mint Tea – I usually drink this tea hot, but I’ve been cold-brewing it for the summer and it is delicious. I actually think the extra spearmint flavor is brought out more when the tea is cold.
  4. I’m resolving to actually make more of the food that I like or pin, so I started with fellow WP blogger Inside Kel’s Kitchen. I made the Mushroom Ranch Potatoes as a side for some grilled pork chops last night and they were so yum!
  5. The youtube channel Bad Lip Reading did a bad lip reading of Disney’s High School Musical and honestly it was the funniest twenty minutes of a day that I’ve had in a while. My sister and I were all about that HSM when it came out.. which, BTW, was ten years ago… feeling so very old. You can watch it here.
  6. There’s an instagram account called The Revision Guide that gives tutorials on cute little drawings, doodles, and lettering, so check them out if you’re interested in learning how to do those things, but like me, have a lack of natural talent for it. 😉

What kinds of things are keeping you busy during these summer months in the Northern Hemisphere?


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