The Little Things #11

I spend my life in front of flickering screens, for both work and personal amusement, so yesterday I had a screen-free day and it was so nice! At the end of the day my contacts weren’t bothering me and I slept better – that in itself was like having a mini-vacation!

I spent my day immersed in the beloved world of Harry Potter. The Cursed Child has been waiting on my nightstand all week for me to dive in – I’m envious of all you Londoners who have already seen the play! After that I was feeling so nostalgic that I reread The Sorcerer’s Stone and then started on The Chamber of Secrets. A day well spent, I think. There are some things that I hope to never outgrow or out-age like legos, coloring books, and Harry Potter. Those things give me such immense, child-like joy that I think we would all be better to have more of in our lives.

What’s something that you hope to never out-grow? Leave me a comment below!


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