Hello! Welcome to Lighthouse and Wanderer.

IMG_20140201_212340450I’m a historical researcher/genealogist, expert napper, reader, traveller, amateur photographer and writer, baker, antique hunter, art lover and museum enthusiast, learner,  kayaker, etc.

My desire is to create and live a passionate and creative life. This is the space where I chronicle it all, so this space grows as I do.

I enjoy being part of a community of global citizens who connect through our shared interests, so please feel free to comment and connect on my posts!

Thanks for sharing this space with me,


L + W

Why Lighthouse and Wanderer? The inspiration for this blog struck from the Death Cab for Cutie song Little Wanderer; there is a line that says “Someone’s gotta be the lighthouse, and that someone’s gotta be me.” I started applying it to myself, and realized, “Sometimes I’m both.” I’ve always considered myself more a wanderer, but now, with a adult-ish responsibilities, I’m also a lighthouse. I like the idea of being both – it’s a poetic thought to me.



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