| Food | Nacho Soup

If there’s such a thing as a spirit food (like a spirit animal, but with food), then tacos have to be mine. I think I could eat some variation of tacos every day, so naturally I was drawn to recipes for Nacho Soup. I scanned through several, and I can honestly say that this version from Baked by Rachel is the best of them all ingredients-wise, and one of the few things I’ve found on Pinterest that is worth making repeatedly – I’ve already made it twice in two weeks, and it’ll definitely be on the menu again soon. It’s hearty and chock-full of veggies, but with the taste of nachos.

Her instructions are for a slow-cooker and it’s easily adaptable to stovetop, which is what I’ve been doing. The second time I made it I increased the amount of chili powder and red pepper flake, and next time I think I’ll add cumin as well for the extra spice and flavor, but this recipe definitely gets a stamp of approval.

Get the recipe here: Baked by Rachel