Harry Potter at the Symphony

My Harry Potter loving heart is so full because last night I went to see Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone in concert with the Nashville Symphony; it was simply incredible! This is part of a cinema series where you actually watch the movie while the full Symphony Orchestra plays the score live. Hearing the opening notes to Hedwig’s Theme as the movie began gave me chills, and I was so mesmerized just watching each instrument and section play their part of John Williams’ genius score. My seat was behind the orchestra, and I think it ended up being so much more amazing than watching the movie on the larger screen in the front of house because it brought the score to the forefront, and as many times as I’ve listened to it over the years, this was a completely new experience because, not only was I hearing it scored live, but I was watching the intricacies of the music as it happened. If you ever get the chance to watch any of the movies like this – do it! The Symphony is doing Chamber of Secrets in May and I’ve got my fingers crossed that I get to watch that one, too. #always


WPC: Resilient

The view of the Detroit Skyline from Canada, September 2016

Detroit, Michigan – This is a place where my roots run deep. A city I love because this is where five generations of my family are from, and it is the very definition of resilient. It has weathered the boom and bust of the auto industry, the scandal and corruption of power-hungry politicians, and so much more, but it’s still standing, still hustling, and making its comeback.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resilient

| Food | Nacho Soup

If there’s such a thing as a spirit food (like a spirit animal, but with food), then tacos have to be mine. I think I could eat some variation of tacos every day, so naturally I was drawn to recipes for Nacho Soup. I scanned through several, and I can honestly say that this version from Baked by Rachel is the best of them all ingredients-wise, and one of the few things I’ve found on Pinterest that is worth making repeatedly – I’ve already made it twice in two weeks, and it’ll definitely be on the menu again soon. It’s hearty and chock-full of veggies, but with the taste of nachos.

Her instructions are for a slow-cooker and it’s easily adaptable to stovetop, which is what I’ve been doing. The second time I made it I increased the amount of chili powder and red pepper flake, and next time I think I’ll add cumin as well for the extra spice and flavor, but this recipe definitely gets a stamp of approval.

Get the recipe here: Baked by Rachel