Soundtrack Snapshots Photo Project

Soundtrack Snapshots was a project I created purely by accident when I bought my Fuji Instax Mini camera. I started taking snapshots (photos 1-3) and realized that the music I was listening to or humming was just as much a part of each moment as the photo itself. I’ve always had this weird fascination with the idea of “soundtracking my life,” and I thought it could be an interesting creative project for myself.

Click on a photo to open a larger gallery. I’ve included the place, the song, and any anecdotes about each photo that will show up in the gallery.

Important Fine Print Stuff: I’m totally okay if you like one of these photos, and want to “pin” or “reblog” one of them, but please attribute it to me, Lighthouse & Wanderer, and link back to this page. Please do not use any of my photos for commercial use or try to pass them off as your own. These are my photos and memories and it’s easy enough for you to go create your own, actually I encourage it. 🙂  Sincerely, L&W


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