Forrest Park Instax

Just dropping in with a few snapshots from my time at Forrest Park in St. Louis last week.

1 & 2 – The Jewel Box

3 – St. Louis Art Museum

4. Missouri History Museum

5. The Grand Basin



“42” & The Beatles

One of the coolest things to do in Little Rock is to visit the Clinton Presidential Library (also in the River Market district). Part museum and part archives, presidential libraries are built to house the all the documents from an administration and serve as a museum to preserve the president’s legacy. They also educate the public on the presidency and world events during that president’s tenure (Read more here).


The best surprise – a Beatles exhibit!

The Clinton Library has the only replica of the Oval Office outside of the White House, and features the office just as “42” left it. There’s also a replica cabinet room – the backs of the chairs have each cabinet secretary’s nameplate, so you can sit in anyone’s chair and view the interactive exhibits on the table.

The design inspiration for the main part of the museum was The Long Room at Trinity College Dublin. Each of the blue boxes houses documents from Clinton’s administration – there are over 4,500 boxes on display in the museum and they still only account for about 3% of the total documents.

The Beatles exhibit featured a lot of memorabilia, their instruments, and some of their performance clothes. At right. Paul McCartney’s Shea Stadium jacket.

You can expect to spend around 2-3 hours exploring the Library. It’s connected to the rest of the River District by paved walking and bike paths, and it’s about a 5 minute walk (they also have free parking if you aren’t inclined to walk it).